A H E P A’S BOSTON CHAPTER 24 Honors MR. CONSTINTINE CALLIONTZIS with the 2023 Presidential Meritorious Service Citation




with the 2023 Presidential Meritorious Service Citation

“AMERICAN HELLENIC EDUCATIONAL PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION” (AHEPA) the largest American “Fraternal” Hellenic Organization in the United States, succeeded in organizing the American born Hellenes during the early 1920’s, and played a pivotal role in helping to assimilate them into the mainstream of the American life.

AHEPA, an organization, strong of 500 local Chapters in the United States, recognized our own, Mr. Constintine Calliontzis on Saturday evening, September 30th during the 100 Anniversary GALA at the Marriott Hotel with 250+ guests in attendance. Connie, a stellar member of the AHEPA Chapter 24 of Boston, was recognized by the AHEPA Boston Chapter 24 and was awarded the “Presidential Meritorious Service Citation” for his strength, leadership, determination within the Order of AHEPA for over 32+ years.

Mr. Calliontzis has served the Boston Chapter in multiple capacities, the most notable of which are: Chapter President & District Governor, AHEPA Chapter 24; Supreme Governor, AHEPA Supreme Lodge; Vice Chairman & Member of the Board of Trustees; Co-Chair, of the Boston AHEPA Convention.

As a brief background, AHEPA, organized on July 26, 1922, in Atlanta, Georgia by George Poulos and Yianni Aggelopoulos, aimed to embrace the American born men & women of Greek descent, drew primarily the American Hellenic Elites into its circles, adopted English as its official language, and aimed to win the battle(s) against the waves of bigotry of the 1920’s. The widespread & often violent discrimination against immigrants from Greece during the 1920’s fueled the desireof Elite Greek Americans to organize and embed themselves among the circles of the American Elites. At end of WWII, Educated and financially successful Immigrants arriving in the Unites States from post-World War II Greece aimed to also join the AHEPA Organization.

AHEPA’s Female arm, The Daughters of Penelope (DOP) was also organized on November 16, 1929 in San Francisco by Alexandra Apostolides who was elected its first Grand President in 1931.

The collective objectives, among the AHEPAN Chapters across the United States, span the areas of “Education: providing academic scholarships to young men and women pursuing education; Philanthropy & Volunteerism have been pivotal to the Organization, supporting many philanthropic endeavors, in the United States, Greece & Cyprus; Civic Responsibility / Grass Roots Voice Strength, have proven invaluable to the Hellenic American Society in their efforts to influence the American Political landscape in support of Greece and Cyprus.

AHEPANS have contributed substantial financial assistance to Greece during the last 100 years, in support of many socioeconomic endeavors, most notable of which is the AHEPA Hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece. AHEPA is also credited for President Truman’s proposal to the United States Congress in 1947 to authorize Financial & Military Assistance to Post WWII Greece fighting a civil war against communist infiltration.

The AHEPA Organization today continues to enjoy the admiration of the American public and is well known among the political, academic, and socioeconomic sectors of the United States. Equally, AHEPA continues to protect & defend the Interests of the Hellenic Republic and Cyprus & strives to influence American opinion to the benefit of both Greece and Cyprus.

Today, the Boston AHEPA Chapter 24 & sister organization, the Daughters of Penelope (DOP), under the current leadership of Chris Trakas & Tina Papadopoulos respectively, remain active & committed to the ideals of the founding members.

Mr. Constintine Calliontzis (our own Connie) speaks of the AHEPA with great admiration and nostalgia. May GOD Bless Him with many-many more years of Good Health and grant him Strength to continue to contribute to our Greek- American Causes, to serve & guide the younger generations of his two beloved Organizations - The AHEPA and our Beloved Cathedral.

Submitted by: Carol Travayiakis, President Parish Council

Source - AHEPA: The Greeks of America_ Part I: 1499-1999 by Trifona N. Hatzinikolaou. Copyright: 2000. 1st Edition, Nikitas K. Karalis Printing Co., Athens, Greece 10552