Reflect on the Past to Grow in the New Year

In just a few hours we will welcome a new year. I am certain you will agree that it is hard to believe that 2024 is at hand. As this year comes to an end we find time to pause and reflect on what has happened we need to look to the new year for personal growth.

Traditionally we are encouraged to make New Year’s resolutions. To help us do this, I would like to pose a few questions that we can use to look forward. I cannot answer them for you and I will not provide any solutions. You must look deeply into your own heart to answer them honestly and then seek guidance. I pose these questions (in no particular order) to encourage personal growth and through personal spiritual growth, growth, and attentiveness to the life of the Cathedral community.

  • What did I do this past year to grow closer to Christ?
  • What will I try to do in the year to come to foster growth in faith?
  • How did I try to embody my love for Christ in the past year and what can I do better in the new year?
  • How have I helped the spiritual journey of those around me, family, friends, and fellow parishioners?
  • How have I hindered their spiritual growth?
  • Have I sought repentance for those things that I have done that have taken me away from Christ and His Church?
  • How can I better do so in the new year?
  • Have I been actively engaged in the ministry of the Church, not just in the events of the community?
  • Can I do more to make Christ’s ministry a part of my life?
  • Have I regularly participated in the worship of the Church and our community?
  • Have I welcomed Christ into my life through the Eucharist and allowed the Divine Gifts to nourish my heart?
  • How have I been an example of Christ’s love to others and what can I do better to demonstrate His love in the new year?

Please use these questions to better your spiritual life and commitment to Christ and the Church in the new year. As you personally grow in faith, so does our community. May the new year bring you great joy in faith and the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.